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1. Frequently Asked Questions

At Tanseeq, we understand that a valuable office is a productive one.
We make it our mission to provide high-quality offices at affordable rates. We believe in a transparent pricing system with no hidden costs – you know exactly what you are paying for.

TBC Bay Square has 16 equipped offices ranges 210 – 230 sq. ft. in various views and TBC Downtown has 26 equipped offices ranges 200 – 210 sq. ft. and 30 flexi desks available for the smaller type of businesses

TBC offers flexible agreements from 1-12 months to help the new business eliminates high start-up costs, complicated lease agreements, and delays. The tenant can enjoy the hassle-free monthly package to any TBC branches and can upgrade for a minimum of 6 months to 1-year full contract to be qualified of having its own Trade License and/or Ejari.

We provide you with your own dedicated business telephone number which comes through to our professional team of receptionists who answer your calls in your business name, providing a point of contact to all your clients. We can take a message and relay this to you via email or we can provide a seamless transfer service to an alternative telephone number.

TBC can have your serviced office set up within 24 hours upon completion of payment and document sign-up.

2. Considerations

At TBC, we understand the things to consider before choosing an Office Space, it’s quite challenging because the decision will have so many effects on the business. TBC knows what to consider, that’s why before launching the company TBC has studied all the corners of how to choose the right office space. Bay Square comprises of 13 Buildings and each building is low rise developed of up to 16 floors high. Business bay is a modern architecture community offering residential, office and retail space located in the heart of Business Bay. The entire pedestrian-only zone has a built-up area of 430,000 square meters. The project itself covers 220,000 square meters with all the buildings surrounding a fountain square.

Accessible and convenient, a great connectivity to almost all part of the city as it is located on Sheikh Zayed Road one of the busiest roads of Dubai, and it is accessible also to the travellers by means of commute, RTA buses is the major public transportation uses to drop and fetch majority of the people in Business Bay.

Dubai is known as one of the safest city in the world but prevention is better than cure; The Night Vision CCTV Cameras capturing 24/7 situations and conditions in Bay Square and there’s also a full time security personnel roaming around inside and outside of the building for visible security features. There are high-tech digital security facilities inside the premises of TBC. CCTV cameras are recording 24/7 for surveillance to continuously monitor premises and prevent misuse of resources.

TBC has 24 covered parking spaces for lease that can be exclusive to the client; and over 2000 convenient parking system around Bay Square for Residents and Visitors. Bay Square has free 2 hours of parking for visitors from Saturdays to  Thursdays and a whole day free parking every Fridays; visitors parking are located in upper basement accessible through building 3 and 10 ground basement entrance.

TBC office spaces designed to be the useful and comfortable office for the tenant and its Employee. TBC allow the tenant to add some furniture if necessary and needed but it shouldn’t damage the premises.

Alteration is strictly prohibited such us drilling, repainting and removing any fixtures inside the premises unless the TBC Management allows any changes.

Each TBC offices can fit up to 6 office tables considering the seating arrangements, 1 executive table maximum of 3 cubicle style table for the employees.


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